Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

Aug 29, 2023Jordan Reddin

How Two Friends Founded a Hemp Company in Texas Focused on Community and Authenticity

When best friends Jordan and Garett traveled to Colorado a few years back, they stumbled upon something that would change their lives: hemp. They were amazed by the plant's versatility and array of benefits, and they knew they had to bring this miracle crop to their home in Texas. With that, their company was born.

Today, after months of hard work and dedication, 512 Hemp stands as a leader in the hemp industry, showcasing USA-grown hemp through their products and engaging with local communities. Jordan and Garett's company values community and authenticity, and it shows in everything they do.

The Importance of Community

For Jordan and Garett, building a hemp company wasn't just about producing quality products - it was about creating a community of like-minded individuals. They knew that bringing hemp to Texas would be a challenge given the state's laws and stigma surrounding cannabis. But they were undeterred. They believed that if they could reach people on a personal level, they could overcome the misconceptions and persuade people to give hemp a chance.

Through their company, Jordan and Garett promote a sense of community, encouraging people to come together and support each other as they learn about the benefits of hemp. They post educational content where people can learn more about the plant, share their own experiences, and connect with others who are passionate about the hemp industry. They also sponsor disc golf players and tournaments and they are members of the Lampasas Chamber of Commerce. 512 Hemp is always looking for more ways to engage the community, so reach out if you have an event or sponsorship in mind. 

Authenticity in Hemp Production

In an industry with so many players, Jordan and Garett's commitment to authenticity sets 512 Hemp apart. They work tirelessly to ensure that their products are pesticide-free and of the highest quality, using only natural ingredients. They believe that consumers should know exactly what they're putting in their bodies, which is why they provide detailed information about each product's ingredients, benefits, and recommended uses as well as all lab results.


When Jordan and Garett founded 512 Hemp, they knew they wanted to make an impact not just in the industry but within their community. And that's precisely what they've achieved. Their commitment to producing quality, authentic products has earned them a dedicated following, and their educational events and community outreach have helped bring the people of Texas closer to hemp. Through their passion, dedication, and hard work, Jordan and Garett have proven that even in a state like Texas, you can make an impact by building a hemp community.

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